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Artful Color in Nuno Felt
Creating Inspirational Nuno Felt Projects and Palettes

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Are your hands longing to try something new?

Welcome to the tactile world of Artful Color In Nuno Felt where a union of silk and wool creates endless new forms of artistic expression! Whether you are new to fiber art or a lifelong felting enthusiast, indulge your creative spirit with the inspiration you've been searching for, and express the colors of your world in a way that is richly layered, full of delightful surprises and generous with possibilities.

Delight in the process of Artful Color In Nuno Felt and begin creating beautifully layered textures today with the following:

  • Jump in easily with an introduction to Nuno-Felting tools, materials and work space suggestions - everything you need to successfully begin and complete your first project.
  • Practice your skills through 33 stepped-out projects that include fashionable accessories, gift ideas and items for your home.
  • Further enhance your inspiration with 18 artful variations which provide you with more ideas for taking several projects in a new direction.
  • Discover new ways to approach your use of color as you learn to create color palettes from the places and things that inspire you.
  • You'll be introduced to new ways of looking at a color wheel and exciting techniques for bringing unexpected colors together!
"Journey with me into Nuno-Felting projects full of color. We will start with basic, easy-but-gorgeous pieces and, as we get a feel for how the wool and silk interact, we will add more and more complex decorative elements." - pg 20

"I am blown away! More projects than any other nuno book, and such a colorful path through them all! The instructions are simple and direct and of course the photos are wonderful! So helpful to see the color wheel inspiration for each piece. Really beautiful book!" - AW from Anchorage, Alaska

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"Seriously Soulful! Where do I begin to express how, for me, Beverly Ash Gilbert has gone above and beyond a craft in her new book, Artful Color in Nuno Felt? As a professional graphic designer, I am drawn to what inspires me visually, and with every turn of a page, each new spark of an idea, each new color palette, each project and flair of variation, I felt a mind-altering shift. Each spread is an immersion of color, texture and movement that grabs your eye, and now... the novice crafter inside me is ready to get out my stash of felting supplies and explore! I am proud to have this gorgeous book take center stage on my coffee table!" - JM from Seattle, Washington
Take a peek inside...
208 pages full of inspirational projects with easy-to-follow instructions and luscious color!
An in-depth discussion of how I go from color inspiration to color palette to Nuno felt project
From projects bursting with color...
... to Decorative Elements full of texture
From simple projects that make beautiful gifts and add splashes of color around the house... more complex 3-dimensional projects
Artful Color In Nuno Felt is full of colorful, inspirational projects and easy-to-follow instructions guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing, whether you are an experienced Nuno Felter, or dipping your hands into this luscious medium for the first time!

"I was thrilled to get my copy of Beverly Ash Gilbert ‘s new book yesterday. You can’t believe how gorgeous and inspiring these projects are. Finally, a reason to pull out the roving and silks I’ve accumulated for years and make stylish things I can wear or give as artsy gifts. If you’re looking for a new creative outlet, here you are!" - TJ from Phoenix, Arizona


Q: When will Artful Color In Nuno Felt be shipped?
A: I expect advanced copies in mid to late February, so to be on the safe side, I am quoting a release date of March 1, 2018. It is possible (fingers crossed) that your book will be shipped prior to that date.

Q:I am a felter, but have never Nuno Felted before. Is it similar? Can I use the same materials?
A: Nuno Felting is an exciting cousin of pure felting and involves merging layers of wool and silk into a richly-textured cloth. Though the technique is simple and will remind you of pure felting, there are some distinct nuances that are required in both the felting and fulling process that may differ from pure felting. Also, though all natural fibers will felt, in Nuno Felting the materials are more limited - the wool fibers need to be small enough to work through the silk.

Q: I have never tried fiber art. Is Nuno Felting a good place to start?
A: Absolutely! Most Nuno Felters in my classes and workshops have never worked with fiber before! Many are beaders and painters or folks who haven't done any artwork before, but are looking for a medium where they can create beautiful pieces in a short period of time.

Q: I can't wear wool against my neck. Are there projects other than scarves and shawls?
A: Yes! I have included many home decor projects such as a wine cozy (great for gifts!), coasters, placemats, table runners and pillow toppers. One of the most popular projects is a purse.

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